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The other skirt

I was just posting about a skirt on sale I got at the Petits Riens, on that same day I discovered this skirt in the 2.50 EUR bargain bin.  At first I totally fell for the leopard print as it’s something that I’ve wanted to try out for a while and the originality of the cut.  I glanced at the label (as you do) and saw…. it was Just Cavalli. For 2.50 EUR.  NO WAY! Well I bet it wasn’t in my size, but couldn’t not try it on.  

It was my size after all! (I take back all the negative things I’ve said about stretch denim!)


I took it to the counter all shiny and excited and the woman behind the counter said “oops, I thought I’d taken away all the designer stuff before we put up the sale stickers, this is 32 EUR.”

Devastated, but still determined that this was destiny, I replied “oh no, and I was so excited when I found it… what can I do?”

And in an instant she knocked the price to 16 EUR (half price!).  So in the end, not 2.50, but still not bad.  Might want to keep an eye on your own local Petits Riens, because I’m keeping a close eye on mine!!

Les Petits Riens
Chaussée de Wavre, 826
1040 Etterbeek

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