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The best question you can ask me is “what are you wearing today?” and be prepared for a detailed answer about today’s theme.  I like being original and I think fast-fashion is depressing.  Clothes are an investment and should be worn and loved.  

Living in Brussels since 2005, I have discovered the independent designer scene here is incredible. I’m all about creating some noise about these designers and making the really great clothes that are being developed here known to a wider English-speaking audience. Belgium fashion  (including all things Antwerp) is about whatever fashion is currently on my mind.

My hobbies areknitting & diy fashion projects. Although I have only one successful project under my belt (a great pair of arm warmer/ fingerless gloves), I think there’ll be more to come on that front too.

Left I’m wearing a Conni Kaminski top with Garde Collective trousers


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